Old Cartoons 4

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Teddy Ruxpin

Pink Panther

This guy was like, the KING of cool. A true cartoon pimp.

Little Lulu - لولو الصغيرة

Laurel & Hardy

Lady Oscar - ليدي اوسكار


Grandizer - غراندايزر

G. I. Joe

Sort of like, the American army taking over the world! Hmm...

Georgie - جورجي

Inspector Gadget

Felix the Cat

Duck Tales

Cities of Gold - مدينة الذهب

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Princess Ambiguous said...

I remember them like they were yesterday! I managed to find a site with episodes of Adnan was Leena, and I spent about a week watching episodes of the cartoon instead of revising! We had the best cartoons in our days!

Anonymous said...

thanks for working hard on this site.i remember the cartoons.i still have a turtles tape i got from sana.and i loved the young times magazines.