Old Cartoons

See which of these you can remember! So far I have photos of a LOT of old cartoons up, but pretty soon I will be updating the page with videos and sound clips. By the way, some of these cartoons are available in different languages depending on the country, so you might not recognize the titles, but take a look anyway. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

I'm looking for any old cartoons, TV shows etc, so if you have any photos, sound clips or videos you can send, let me know and i'll get them posted up here! Please let me know about any feedback you have, whether you just want to find a specific cartoon.

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The Adventures of Maya the Honeybee - زينة و نحول

Woody Woodpecker


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - توم سويير

Time Machine - Time Bokan - الة الزمن

Tom & Jerry

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Turtle Power! 4 turtles that through some sort of toxic slime turned into Ninja fighting half human mutants! There was a huge rat that used to live with them as well in the sewers. Ahh.. The stuff we used to believe when we were kids...

Speed Racer

Really admired this growing up, go speed racer go!

The Smurfs - السنافر

Adventures of Sinbad - مغامرات سندباد

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