About Me

January 12, 1981:

The very popular television series "Dynasty" first premiered on ABC. What a great day for TV lovers all over the world; the show was welcomed with open arms, and thousands sat infront of their TV's ready to watch the series which later became the hallmark of the American primetime soap operas of the 1980s.

That event overshadowed my birth, which came just one day later. Totally bad timing. As I was being born, everyone was glued to their TV watching Dynasty. Anyhow, I guess life took a dramatic turn after that and managed to get a little more positive, although I still do resent the producers of that Dynasty show. I can't seem to get the theme tune out of my head though.

Anyhow, 26 years later, a lot has happened; after living my life in a number of different countries (Kuwait, UK, US, Bahrain, UAE), working jobs in a bunch of different sectors (insurance, management, mortgages, retail banking, treasury investments), and being exposed to all different sorts of people (idiots, geniuses, drug addicts, politicians), i've ended up here. I'm not a millionaire yet, although I did promise myself I would be one by the time I was 18. I also do not own a Lambourghini (also something I promised myself I should own by now).

Right now, i'm a dealer at Ahli United Bank, one of the bigger regional banks of the Persian (Arabian?) Gulf. It's interesting, but gets a bit frustrating at times (I deal with a lot money that I unfortunately cannot transfer into my personal account). Previous to this, I was working with mortgages in Boston, USA for about a year, a Team-Leader at a BBK (Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait) Financial Mall for a while, a Financial Analyst at a Jordanian bank, and a very famous actor featured in a number of really big Hollywood movies (one of those isn't true, by the way. Guess which one).

It's great that you dropped by my website; i've almost always had one since around 1996 or so (free 10mb storage provided by Geocities, back then). You can take a look at my old website here, if you're interested in having a laugh.

Why "ammaro.com" and not Ammar? Well, it seems some French dude also going by the same name managed to scoop up that URL before I did. He was also not amused when I offered him the generous sum of $20 for it, so I guess i'm stuck with ammaro. What does ammaro mean? Well, it's a slang way of saying Ammar in Bahraini (which is my name by the way, if you haven't worked that out already).

Take a look around the page, hope you enjoy your time here! Thanks!

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