This section includes various photos and images i've taken. I'm not a professional photographer, but I enjoy taking photos of events, friends, cars, etc; the below links will take you to the different galleries. I add new photos every now and then, so you can check them every once in a while :)

Random Bahrain Images

Different shots i've taken from all around Bahrain. More photos added every week :)

Cars/Auto Shows

The Cars/Auto Shows galleries are photos of my cars, friends cars, and a number of various auto shows/events, such as Car shows, drag racing, circuit races, etc.

Old School

Old School
galleries are photos of me and friends from anywhere from the early 1990's to somewhere around 2002. Some photos from school, outings, and just being useless teenagers in general.

Navigating the Galleries:

After clicking on each gallery, you will see a number of folders, or Sub Albums. Click on whichever one you're looking for to enter. This might be divided into more folders, or the images might be there. Click on each image to view it in larger size. Click on each photo to see it in larger size, and "FULL SIZE" to view it in, well, full size.

Some folders may currently be empty; that just means I have not gotten round to updating the photos yet; its a big task, lots of photos to upload! Keep checking back as I will keep updating the galleries every now and then.