Old Toys

See if you remember any of these old toys we used to play with back in the day :) Click on the photos for larger images. Feel free to send me any more photos etc if you have any, and i'll add them up here! Thanks:

Trolls; Somehow, I remember a period of time where there were millions of these all over the place!

The sliding penguins, that go up the stairs, over, and back down again, and over again, and again...

Remember this, on your old Atari? ;)

I used to love these nintendo handheld LCD games :)

I don't remember what this was called, but it was a football game I used to play, with a very annoying music tune :p

Monopoly; still a classic!

Pac Man, one of the classic arcade games:

Paper planes :)

These sticky men that used to tumble down the side of the wall:

Toy Soldiers, do I need to say more?

Twisty, colored pencils

Fuzzballs. Or something.

What a classic! I'm sure a few other people learned to drive when they were 3 years old using this ! ;)

The infamous fishing game!

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Princess Ambiguous said...

I rememeber how exciting these simple toys used to be! We used to spend ages playing with the penguins, although now I don't see why.. hehe
Where'd you get those photos from!? Nostalgia is great! hehe

Bona said...

Good post.