Old Cartoons 2

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Shanakel - الشناكل

Like the underwater version of The Smurfs

Sinan - سنان

Open Sesame - افتح يا سمسم

Scooby Dooby Doo

Sasuki - ساسوكي

Sanshairo - سنشيرو

This show was ridiculously a lot of fun; it was about minature robots, controlled by small portable laptops - yes, before laptops even existed; now these guys had vision!

رغيف العجيب

Emmm... A flying piece of bread..


The infamous; "I eats me spinach!"

My Little Pony

Ninja Kubumaro - نينجا

Mighty Mouse

Mazinger - مازنجر

Captain Majed - كابتن ماجد

I don't even need to explain this cartoon; i'm sure everyone who lived anywhere near or around the Middle East knows Captain Majed, and how running from one side of the playing field to the other to shoot and score actually took like 3 or 4 episodes :p

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Canc3riaN said...

ufff the cartoooons ! LOOL I watched every single cartoooon you posted. :D yaaaay

Anonymous said...

captain majed uhh...
we call it captain tsubaski at malaysia...