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Music Video: Bahrain Unite

Cruisin' Manama 2011 Video

Music Video: Flipp - Hold Up

Short Movie Parody for Ramadan; The Last Vimto

Music Video: Dub G - You N Eye

This section will be completely redone pretty soon, since there have been a LOT of changes over the past few months, keep an eye open for it! For now, there are a few direct links to a few videos below, or you can check out my YouTube channel for a ton of old cartoons, racing compilations, funny vids, and random stuff here and there. A good way to waste your day:

ammaro's YouTube Channel

Short movie (2 minutes) The Package (2008) - I produced this for a movie competition on MBC. This movie was actually aired on their TV channel to millions of viewers!

I am currently also working on producing a few short movies, and will post them here as they are completed, but the remaining videos are just general compilations of raw video with back tracks to match - events such as drag races, car shows, and other auto events.

The first video is from Speed Trip 2007 at Bahrain International Circuit. This is an exclusive private event bringing together some of the most affluent people, and some of the fastest and/or most expensive cars around. The even also included a full Harley and Chopper Bike show, drift show on the side, and a drag race. Take a look:

Speed Trip 2007

This second video is a short bit of editing to a friend's Z06 at an empty parking lot at night. Lots of fun ;)


Race between two friends; a Camaro LT1 vs a Jun Evolution + Outtakes:

Jun vs Evo

More videos will be available soon.

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