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I use MySpace and SoundClick to host my music; the links below are for Soundclick, but you can take a look at my MySpace Page here. The tracks below can be streamed or downloaded. You can also click on LYRICS for the lyrics to some of the songs.

No professional equipment has been used; everything was made with a laptop and a small mic, so please mind any rough edges around the music. Hopefully within the coming period I will be getting some more professional equipment to be able to more professionally master the tracks. Either way, let me know what you think.

Click on the Hi-Fi or Lo-Fi buttons to play, or 'download' to save the track on your PC.

Throw yo Hands in the Air
Produced 10 July, 2007

Chillin' Intro
Produced 13 April, 2007

The Final Hour (Stolen Beat)
Produced 15 March, 2007

The Attack (Stolen Beat)
Produced 13 March, 2007

Freestyle (Stolen Beat)
Produced 12 March, 2007

Produced Beats:

Gleaming Metropolis
30 June 2007

Intensely Established
31 may 2007

16 May 2007

In Hiding
27 May 2007

Flawless Shine
24 April 2007

Susceptible to Grave Danger
24 April 2007

Smooth like Big Poppa
24 April 2007

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My Hip-Hop History:

If you don't already know, music makes up a large part of who I am. I've been influenced by hiphop music since back in 1989, with Eazy E and NWA. Not exactly the most radio friendly music, it had mostly a shock influence, but at the same time brought a sort of enlightenment; that no one will hold people back from saying anything they want to say. Since then i've had a pretty strong connection with rap and hip-hop.

My bond with rap became strongest between 1992-1994. With the West Coast G-Funk music blowing up, it totally took my heart and soul with it. Death Row Records especially was the love of my life; everything from Dre's producing and beats, to Snoop Dogg's flow, to the soul Tupac brought altogether. It was total love for me, and even though I wouldn't relate 100% with all the shootings, drug deals and riots, a lot of the music made sense, and I could relate to a LOT, growing up in some rough areas brought it out in me.

As for my own music, I used to rap back in school starting around 1992/1993 (I was around 12). Small things, making fun of other people in class, beatboxing, etc. All the people in school used to push me forward so it kept me going on. This continued all the way till high-school around 1996, where me and a friend came up with our own tape. Not a professional or fully mastered release by any means, but still a reasonable effort ten-track mix tape. Unfortunately, that tape got lost somewhere in the realm of space and time. If anyone does find a tape entitled "Da Dope Dillaz" (ie, the dope dealers, cheesy I know) thrown away somewhere, I would pretty much pay you whatever the hell you want to have it back. Let me know!

After college I pretty much calmed down a little, and when I started working I got too busy for my love of hip-hop. It was only very recently that I managed to take a few months off, and with all the extra time, I decided to start again with my music. What does it sound like? Most people say my flow resembles Snoop; chilled out and relaxed, with a west-coast vibe, with a lyrically conscious twist. Listen and you'll know.

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